Hello Friends [and friends]!

Now that most of us have to stay home rather than gather in public, Friends and our friends are finding many ways to connect online. Among other things, we’ve learned that most people have a limited capacity to participate effectively online–too many hours staring at a screen will make anyone crazy!

So the hope here is that this website will serve as a “one stop shop” where Friends can quickly connect with each other and share resources that others have found useful. Being outside of the alphabet soup of existing Friends’ institutions, we can move quickly to publicize current events.

More later!


2 responses to “Hello Friends [and friends]!”

  1. Caroline Wildflower Avatar
    Caroline Wildflower

    How do I actually connect with the network?

    1. Friendssocialconcerns Avatar

      On the front page there’s a contact email: jbetzzall@gmail.com