Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting adopts Minute for Black Lives

Members of the Quaker Social Concerns Network were very excited to learn that the Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends has adopted a very strong Minute for Black Lives.

It begins:
“Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends approves this Minute for Black Lives, noting that
some of us are challenged by the language it uses. Still, we lean into it, knowing that we have
empowered the Equity and Inclusion Committee to be a prophetic voice. Acting as Christ’s
Body to engage in the work of justice will often be uncomfortable for those of us with privilege.

Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends witnesses the current people’s uprising for
police accountability and for racial justice and we take a stand for Black lives. We urge all
Quakers, in our Yearly Meeting and beyond, to do the same in word and action. Neutrality is not
an option if we are to fully embrace our underlying Truth as Friends: to recognize God in all